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Supported Phone Numbers

SMS From Me only really supports phone number that are composed of digits.

However, a certain number of characters can still appear in a phone number and it will still be viewed as valid.


The Latin alphabet can be used instead of numbers. It was done quite a bit in the US to make numbers easier to remember, although it is less prominent now. For example, a company that kills bugs at your house could have a phone number that includes the word "ZAP" in it.

Here is the table used to convert letters in digits:

  • 0 -- no letters (Operator)
  • 1 -- no letters
  • 2 -- A B C
  • 3 -- D E F
  • 4 -- G H I
  • 5 -- J K L
  • 6 -- M N O
  • 7 -- P Q R S
  • 8 -- T U V
  • 9 -- W X Y Z

Note that some older phones would put various letters, like Z, Q, O (letter o) on digit zero. Or have a completely different order. All cell phones we've seen use the standard shown above.

Special Characters

SMS From Me also accept, albeit it will ignore, the following characters:

  • "(" -- opening parenthesis
  • ")" -- closing parenthesis
  • "+" -- plus sign
  • "-" -- minus sign
  • "," -- comma
  • " " -- spaces

Note that in telephony various characters have various meanings:

"(" and ")" -- used to separate an area code from the rest of the phone number. If you live in the same area code, then you are not required to dial those numbers.

"+" -- generally shows an international code (i.e. in "+33 06 06 06 06 06", the "33" is the country code for France, in "+1 (916) 220-6482", the "1" is the country code for the US.)

"," -- add a pause, the duration of the pause can vary from device to device. It will dial the digits before, then wait say 10 seconds, then continue to dial the numbers after the comma.

Note that SMS From Me ignores all of these codes. It expects the texting to work without the need to know anything in particular and especially it expects the comma to never be useful to send an SMS message.

Other Characters

SMS From Me refuses phone numbers with any other characters. If required, you may need to clean up the string before it gets sent.





If you already registered with your email address and needed to re-validate (i.e. the first validation somehow failed) then go to the Validate Page where you can request for a new validation code to be emailed to you.

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