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Setting Up Your SMS From Me Application

To setup your SMS From Me application on your phone, go to the application and click on Message Processing.

Processing frequency

By default the application is setup to pull new text messages every 5 minutes. You may increase the frequency to 10, 15, 30, or 60 minutes (1 hour). You may also turn off the application by setting the frequency to Never.

This means there is likely going to be a delay between the time you send us an email to (see Sending a Message by Email) and the time the text message is sent. The delay can be really short if the service did not run in a long time. It can be really long if the service just ran.

Messages processed per wake up call

The number of messages processed in one go. If you keep the default frequency, the application will process messages once every 5 minutes. Here we define the number of message handled. By default we set this at 10. This means you can handle up to 50 messages every 5 minutes.

Remember that there is a limit to the number of messages you can send every 30 min. in Android. It varies depending on the version of your OS. I have seen numbers as small as 30 (i.e. no more than 1 per minute...) and as high as 500. With our default setup, you may reach 300 which is fairly safe on most phones. More than that and the SMS From Me application may start failing because of text message flooding.

If you do get flooding popup messages, you may reduce this number or increase the wait by increasing the Processing frequency.

Note that a normal text message is limited to 160 bytes (NOT CHARACTERS, although for English, all characters match bytes one to one, it is not the case in all languages and things like smillies generally use 3 or 4 bytes). The technology evolved to allow for multi-part text messages to be sent. Those support up to 35 parts of 153 bytes (the other 7 bytes are used to distinguish each part.) This means a maximum limit of 5355 bytes in one text message. However, a multi-part text message looks like ONE message to you, but it really uses multiple messages. So if you send many long messages, it may look like the SMS From Me application sends many less messages in one row. This is why.

Also, in that regard, the way we count the number of messages lets you send more than your limit. If you can send at least one more message (say you used 10 and we already processed 9) the system will go ahead and process one more message. If that additional message is a multi-part message with 5 parts, now you sent more messages than what your limit allows (in this example, you will have sent 14 instead of 10.) This means you may have to reduce your limit to properly accomodate your maximum or make sure that all your messages will not be multi-part messages.

Secret Key

This is your Internet account Secret Key. Remember that if you regenerate your account Secret Key you will want to edit your phone settings and enter the new Secret Key there too.

App Key

This is your application key. This is similar to a password which is specific to your phone. It is composed of a letter, a dash, a few digits, another dash, and a final letter.

To find your Application Key go to your Internet profile as explain in Finding Your App Key For Your Phone

If you think that your key has been compromised, you can click on the Regenerate Application Key link to get a new key. When you use that link, make sure to update the settings on your phone otherwise it just won't work since the keys won't match.

Message Processing URI

This one has a default which should not need to be modified:

Just in case we were to change the default URI, we made this option editable by you. In our case, it also helps us to run test on a test server instead of the real server.

You should never have to change this URI.





If you already registered with your email address and needed to re-validate (i.e. the first validation somehow failed) then go to the Validate Page where you can request for a new validation code to be emailed to you.

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