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Send a Message using a URL

SMS From Me accepts new messages using a URL with a query string as described below. Our server will transform the query string in your text message. This is similar to sending an email using our REST API or adding a test message in your account.

TODO: Example with InstaPage:

A system capable of redirecting your user to a URL that you specify can be used to send a text message through SMS From Me.

This feature requires you to log in your Internet account and go to the Message Manager area. There you can create any number of static messages with an identifier that you enter (for example, if you are selling to big tickets, you could call that message "Big_Ticket".) That way we avoid people from using your URL to send any kind of message to pretty much anyone. The only dynamic part of this URL will be the destination, which is your lead phone number.

We created the following form so you can test creating your own URL, although remember that the Destination parameter must be dynamically defined when you use the URL otherwise it would send the messages to the same number over and over again! The form should otherwise help you with the required encoding to properly support the URL (i.e. spaces must be encoded with either a plus (+) or %20, the ampersand requires a %27, etc.)

Since anyone can access that URL, you cannot include your Secret Key, which is private (See Sending a Dynamic Message with a URL for another way to send messages with a URL.) Instead we allow you to include your URL Key and a static message identifier.

Note that this means we consider your URL Key as public information (i.e. anyone may know about it.) However, if you think someone is abusing it, you can go to your Internet account and click the Regenerate URL Key link to get a new key. If you do that, make sure to update your key in all your URLs.

The query string supports the following parameters. If you send the data with a POST, then these parameters must be defined in the POST payload and not the query string.

Key (Required)


As defined in your Profile account, the URL Key.

Destination (Required)


The destination is the cell phone number of your contact or lead. This is a required field since without it we cannot send the message anywhere.

This is the one parameter that is dynamic. You need to replace this number by your lead phone number.


Once the new message was created, you may redirect your user to another page. This is useful if your landing or squeeze page sends the user to this URL to send the text message and then you want to send your user to a thank you page on your website.

The redirect will include all the variables defined in the query string or the POST that was used to access the SMS From Me/new-message page except the few that we know are only necessary for our own system (i.e. the "key" parameter will not be forwarded.)

Note that the method used to access the SMS From Me URL has no effect on whether to forward with a GET or a POST.


This feature has the same effect as the Redirect, only it uses the POST instead of the GET method.

Just like with the Redirect all the variable that were received will be forwarded to the next page. These will be added as a list of POST variables instead of a query string.

Note that the method used to access the SMS From Me URL has no effect on whether to forward with a GET or a POST.

Message Identifier (Required)


To use this feature, you must go to your Message Manager in your Internet account. This manager allows you to create messages with your own defined identifier. Use that identifier in your URL to select that specific message. The identifier is limited in terms of what characters can be used to make it simpler in a URL (i.e. only letters, digits, and the underscore (_) are allowed, on purpose.)

In other words, there should be no need to encode this message identifier when added to your URL.

Remember that if you edit the message identifier of one of your static message in your Message Manager then it will break your URLs (i.e. the message cannot be found and this no text message will be sent.) You will have to update your URLs accordingly.





If you already registered with your email address and needed to re-validate (i.e. the first validation somehow failed) then go to the Validate Page where you can request for a new validation code to be emailed to you.

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