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SMS From Me accepts emails, which is the point of this system. Emails can be sent from any email server and any email client. Our service transforms those emails in a text message that your phone ends up sending to the specified destination. If you cannot send an email, maybe you can use our Sending a Message Using a URL feature instead.

Since any system can email us at to send a text message, you can send emails from your email campaign system.

The email body must include a few variables. A variable is defined as a name followed by a colon and then a value. For example, the Secret variable will look something like this:

Secret: A-12345678-Z

A complete email includes at least the following variables:

  • Secret — the Secret Key as defined in your profile
  • Key — the Email Key as defined in your profile
  • Destination — the destination cell phone
  • Message — the text message to send

The Message field supports multiple lines. If you need to place other fields after it or if you have a signature, you can end the field with End-Message.

There is another variable which is supported named Send-On. This field is optional. At this time, the only date format supported is YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS. It may be difficult to use unless you have a very specific date when you want to send a text message.

Note that the order in which the variables are defined is not important, although it is customary to put the Message last.

A complete message in an email to will look like this:

Secret: <your-secret-key>
Key: <your Email Key from your Profile>
Destination: <destination cell phone number>

<The actual text message>


We suggest that you test the email system with your usual email client. Send an email to, include the variables as indicated above, then look at your dashboard on to see that the email was received. This should be really fast, although it may take a few minutes depending on the good will of the mail servers used to transmit the email.





If you already registered with your email address and needed to re-validate (i.e. the first validation somehow failed) then go to the Validate Page where you can request for a new validation code to be emailed to you.

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