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Error JSON

The REST API may generate errors. When that happens, it replies with a JSON object that includes an error code, a brief message, and a URL to this very page. This page is here to further help you comprehend these errors.

  "error": "invalid_message",
  "error_description": "textual description of the error",
  "error_uri": ""

The "error" parameter is a simple string, without spaces, that can easily be checked by your software to know what the error is. You are not expected to show this to end users, although it won't hurt to do so.

The "error_description" is a textual string that you can show to your users. This is descriptive, although may be still be fairly brief.

The "error_uri" is a URI to this page which has further explaination on why the error occurred.


The REST API allows for a message identifier within the URL (i.e. "/api/1/message/<here>/delete".) That identifier must be a valid number (1, 2, 3, etc.) if not, you get this error.


The REST API accepts accesses on a specific set of paths as defined in the SMS From Me REST API.

If you used the wrong API version, the path may not be recognized in an older version (new feature) or not supported anymore in a newer version (removed feature.)

Please verify that your path is valid and try again.


The REST API path includes a version. At this time, we only support version 1. Although it could be viewed as a path error, we distinguish version errors to make it easier to know that you have a problem with that specific segment of your path.

The path starts with: /api/<version>/... where <version> must be 1.


The REST API supports verious methods depending on the function used. When this error occurs, the HTTP error code will be 405. The supported methods are:

  • GET -- retrieve an object
  • DELETE -- delete an object
  • NEXT -- retrieve the next object to handle
  • PATCH -- edit an existing object
  • POST -- create a new object
  • PUT -- change the status of an object

The REST API documentation will tell you which method is required for which paths. Some paths support more than one method.


The specified resource identifier does not represent a valid resource, or at least not a valid resource for that user. When that error occurs, the HTTP code returned is 404.

The path will start with /api/1/<resource>/<resource-id>... where "resource-id" must be a valid number and represent a resource that this user has access to.

This error also occurs when one tries to create a new resource and it fails. Since the new resource will not exist, a 404 is well adapted to that situation. The description should tell you what happened.


Some POST, PATCH, or PUT data is not valid. The corresponding error description should better explain what data is incorrect.


An access that allows parameters (a query string variable) found an invalid parameter value.

For example, the REST API function used to list messages accepts a filter parameter, which cannot be empty and the start parameter must be a valid number...


The system checked the OAuth Authorization token as passed in the Authorization HTTP header and it could not find a valid match. When this error occurs, the HTTP error code will be 403.

Verify that the OAuth Authorization HTTP header is properly passed. It will look like this:

Authorization: Bearer 0123456789abcde0123456789abcde0123456789abcdefff0123456789abcdef

The error occurs when the Authorization HTTP header is missing, is empty, does not say "Bearer", or the token is not valid. You will also get this error if the user is not currently considered valid. (i.e. payment is not up to date, user closed his account, etc.)

The authorization may also have timed out or somehow canceled. If the HTTP header looks correct, then retrieve a new OAuth token and try the same request again.


If you used the Application Key (opposed to the API Key), then most of the functionality is not accessible to you. This error happens if you attempt to access one of those forbidden function.

In most cases people should use the API Key and not the Application Key to make use of the full REST API in an application other than the SMS From Me application.





If you already registered with your email address and needed to re-validate (i.e. the first validation somehow failed) then go to the Validate Page where you can request for a new validation code to be emailed to you.

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