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Creating an Account

Click on the dropdown menu at the top-right and click on Register. A popup appears immediately. Fill it out and click Register.

First Name (Optional)

Your legal first name. We use this information to send you communication such as email. This parameter is always optional.

Last Name (Optional)

Your legal last name. We use this information to send you communication such as email. This parameter is always optional.

Login Name

The Login Name will be used to log in your SMS From Me Internet account. It is actually suggested that you force the use of your Login Name instead of your email address to Make Your Account Safer.

Your Login Name should be a secret name. Something you only know (or at least a very few people know.) It should not be your email address, although we do not prevent it.

Note that among all our users, each Login Name has to be unique. If you try with a Login Name that someone else already reserved, then the registration will fail.


The email address of your account. This does not need to be the email address used to send text messages to the server. You probably want to use your usual email as the system may send you some emails once in a while about your account.

This must be a valid email address since we will verify it by sending a registration code to it. You will have to enter that code (follow the link in the email) to complete your registration.

We also use this email address to send you a notice that a new invoice is available in your account.


Enter a password for your account. Although we use a one way encryption to save your password in our database, we strongly suggest that you do not make use of your bank, paypal, and similar passwords for your SMS From Me account.

Agreeing on our Terms & Conditions

We also ask you to accept our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. We have links to those pages so you can go and read them before agreeing to them and to create your account. Note that you may not want to take the time to read the whole thing but you may want to know that we offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Register Button

Once all the data is entered, click the Register button. This creates your account and our server sends you an email from (if you want to make sure to receive the email, add that email address to your mail client whitelist.)

Account Validation

The account is created but by default it is not yet marked as valid. The email our server sends you includes a link that you must follow to validate your account. Just in case, the email also includes a verification code that can be used on the validation page.

The validation page also allows you to ask for another validation code in case your lost the first email or it timed out. These codes are valid for only a few days so if you do not follow the link soon enough, you may have to ask for a new email.

Log In for the First Time

Once you validate your account, the system asks you for your Email Address or Login Name and your Password. Enter these and click Login.

Once logged in, the system will send you to your first invoice and ask you to please pay it. At this time, we accept PayPal payments. You may use a Credit Card or your PayPal account.

First Payment

The server account requires a payment of $9.99/mo. The PayPal systems sets up a payment plan and you will automatically be charged every month after that. At that point, your account is ready and you can start using it to send text messages.





If you already registered with your email address and needed to re-validate (i.e. the first validation somehow failed) then go to the Validate Page where you can request for a new validation code to be emailed to you.

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