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SMS From Me — Do Not Text List

SMS From Me offers a Do Not Text List where you can add your phone number so our application will then do its best to not send text messages to your phone.

Use the form below to remove yourself from our text marketers. Most countries have areas where it is possible to enter less numbers to send a text message to local phone number. For example, in the US we have area codes such as 212 or 818. This area code should be included in your phone number or it is not likely to ever match. We do the necessary internally to match your phone number properly, but by not entering an area code you would block all the phone numbers in all area codes and we do not allow that. So in the US you must enter 10 digits.





If you already registered with your email address and needed to re-validate (i.e. the first validation somehow failed) then go to the Validate Page where you can request for a new validation code to be emailed to you.

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